NPOST Media Internship Program

NPOST University provides learning while doing Programs. We believe the internet has fundamentally changed how we learn new concepts and communicate with others. We believe every one needs the basic knowledge of how to use the web and social media for effective expression and reaching the right audience through organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  As part of our commitment to our community, we offer the opportunity for you  to join us and gain comprehensive Social Media Technology experience.

NPOST Media Internship Program

  1. Comprehensive Framework
  2. “Day one hands-on” Integrated Study
  3. Work on a live production system while learning
  4. We provide you with everything you need to learn
  5. 8 weeks, only two hours a day
  6. Work from anywhere with a flexible schedule
  7. Internship opportunities
  8. Become a Social Media Trainer
  9. Develop a Career in Social Media Management
  10. Certification for successfully completing the program
  11. Job openings for certified members
In order to join the Internship program, you will need to successfully complete our 2 week Get Started course which covers why Social Media matters. We believe every one is capable of learning if provided with the right learning environment. NPOST Get Started Program has been redesigned in 2013 to provide the most comprehensive method of teaching how to use the Web and Social Media to achieve the best Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   Develop your skills with an overview of key social media tools and review the basics of posting.  Our Get Started training course is listed for $145. NPOST’s internship program provides you with a coupon code allowing you to take the course for only a $5 registration fee.
Intern Coupon Code :  Intern2013
Click here to register for the Get Started live sessions
Upon successful completion of our Get Started course your are eligible to join our 6 week NPOST Editor/Publisher Internship.
NPOST Editor/Publisher Internship is listed for $375. NPOST’s internship program provides eligible applicants with a coupon code worth $355. You only pay a registration fee of $20.

NPOST Editor/Publisher Internship course:

  1. How to use our Content Management System for web and social media publishing
  2. How to grow influencer networks
  3. What are the daily trends and how to leverage
  4. How  to utilize keywords in relation to your daily editorial work
  5. How to select and post news articles, blogs and videos for production and SM Web platforms
  6. Find content and aggregate comments to optimize the site – SEO’s
  7. Best practices for HTML5
  8. Facebook best practices and tools
  9. Twitter best practices and tools


Note. You need a credit card or paypal account to register. If you do not have a paypal account you can signup for one free at: Click Here

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